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About Us

I've been a member of the CEA since 2013. During that time, the members have generated about $300,000 of direct and referral business for my company and my membership fees have been about $11,000, so the ROI has been incredible!

Whether personal or business, Nan Stevenson of Lamoureux Woolstencroft Stevenson LLP provides in-depth analysis in all complex or simple legal matters.  Her insights on any legal matters are worth every dollar.  Her eagerness to help and go beyond her way to assist people is cherished by all who know her. I highly recommend her and her law firm in any legal matters that one might have.

When I need legal advice, particularly for business, it’s Nan’s number I call.  She’s got a level head, good business sense and strong legal knowledge.  Nan combines her legal knowledge with business acumen with common sense so I get a smart, straight forward, business solution that makes sense.

We had 5 different companies that worked on our project and the best service and value was provided by Total Communications Services Inc. They were always on time, on budget, and very pro-active in providing solutions to any problems that were encountered.  Best of all, their inter office communications ensured every one knew about each stage of our project and prompt action was ensured.  I highly recommend them for any project, big or small.

Brent is easy to approach, often adds a smart remark to make business situations enjoyable. This coupled with his broad and yet in-depth knowledge of his area of specialty is a great combination for a client who wants great customized service.  Working with him is a great experience as he is so knowledgeable and a lot of fun – a great package.

Joining the CEA has put me in contact with like-minded business people and access to numerous products and services of the highest standards.  However, what I value most is the 50 plus business people advocating for my business and helping it grow.

J.M. Morie Advertising has helped me in many occasions in deciding on the proper promotional products. They are on-time, on budget and provide great service again and again.

I have been a member of the CEA since 1993. I believe in networking and the 80/20 rule. The CEA is the best association of its kind that I have belonged to. It is supremely well run and the fact that it belongs to an international network across North America, it expands your business exponentially. It is a truly rewarding experience.

The CEA members are wonderfully supportive of each other and are a continuous source of advice, information and business referrals. My membership costs are repaid many times over by the value of the business and support I receive from my colleagues.

I have used the services of Minuteman Press – Beltline and found his level of service and product to be first class. His ability to communicate in a clear, concise and effective manner ensures the work is done correctly and on time.Faisal is determined to have happy customers and goes out of his way in terms of turnaround time, effort and quality workmanship.

Riddell Kurczaba Architecture designed my new kitchen and was instrumental in saving me lots of money. They gave very professional service.

Ron is a knowledgeable colleague with a broad business perspective and talking with him is always interesting and informative.

The CEA has introduced me to a dynamic and fun group of Calgary professionals.

Kelly Laverty of Focal Point Business Coaching has provided professional services in regards to assisting Sign-A Rama with business planning, sales and marketing and goal setting. It is a pleasure working with Kelly and we appreciate all his efforts and the knowledge he brings to helping our business achieve its goals.

The CEA has been a great source of revenue and community. A must for any small business owner.