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About Us

The CEA has been an important part in the growth of our business. Not only do we get quality referrals for new business but we also have a great network of suppliers and service providers we can rely on when we need help. (Web Candy a Calgary Web Design Company)

A client I was working with was faced with a difficult HR issue, I put them in contact with Wendy.  When I next met with the client his first comment when I next was “that Wendy, she is some women!”.  It was immensely pleasing to see the company’s performance grow as their HR skills grew.

I had been working with a family business for a while and recommend they used Wendy’s services  After their first session with Wendy their comment was “That Wendy is a godsend, why didn’t you tell us about her earlier!”.

To my great relief, Wendy has taken on our company’s human resources.  From creating policies and ensuring their smooth implementation, from critiquing my performance as a leader to helping our team work more closely together, Wendy’s expertise is valued far beyond what money can buy.

Brent is a thoughtful, caring individual who knows his profession and is willing to patiently explain and discuss issues.

Enthusiastic and always with a smile is my experience of working with Anne-Marie.

John has secured insurance at competitive rates with little or no hassle.  For an industry overrun with paper work, John and his team have managed to spare me from filling most of it out.

This past week, I finally convinced my   elderly mom to get another vehicle as her 23 year old Honda was, well old! I visited Precision and immediately, they understood my needs and connected me to an awesome vehicle, at an awesome price (didn’t even have to haggle!!), and the synergy of service between the various departments in getting everything ready for me, including the installation of a Block Heater which had not been part of the deal but which Omar, the manager of the pre-owned vehicle department graciously had installed for me the same day, was seamless. It was a pleasure dealing with staff that is both professional and positive. I highly recommend Precision Hyundai if service and value are important to you in purchasing your next vehicle!

Upon purchasing a new vehicle for our family, I contacted John’s office for insurance coverage. Although John was away, Sarah at his office was excellent in advising me as to the best way to arrange for insurance, getting me a multi-car discount in the process, and within a couple of hours, sending me the paperwork and insurance needed so I could pick up my new car. Buying a new car is a big decision and can be stressful, and dealing with John’s office certainly helped me to know that regarding insurance, there was nothing to be stressed about! I highly recommend Jones and Salt for all of your insurance needs!