Who is the CEA?


Supportive Members | Diverse Mindsets | Warm & Engaging

Being a business owner or entrepreneur can be isolating. The Calgary Executives Association (CEA) provides a safe, welcoming and engaging space to come together to talk about business issues.

Belonging to the CEA is like having your own board of advisors. It’s not always prudent to talk to an employee, family member or friend. Members get to see how their businesses are doing through the eyes of other members and receive feedback from experienced business owners.

Get feedback or advice on decision-making and gain perspective on your business, all while networking, sharing leads and building relationships with like-minded people.

Our Mission is Clear
The Calgary Executives Association is a dynamic
network of business leaders working together to
strengthen the business of its members.

The CEA provides members with a weekly forum on Wednesday mornings to network, build relationships, share leads, give referrals and promote their products and services.

To facilitate business dealings between member firms, membership is limited to one representative from each business or professional category. All CEA members are decision-makers within their organizations. The CEA has a wide range of members from one person operations to some of Calgary’s most successful larger organizations.

We are International

The CEA is a member of a larger organization of 110 Executives Associations across the globe, giving our members access to a prestigious Executives Association web which represents over 5,000 member firms.