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Executives’ Associations do not necessarily seek the biggest Firms, only the best

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

~ Mark Twain

The CEA is looking for firms that will proactively participate and engage with fellow members.

We invite you to introduce yourself to our Executive Director by contacting the CEA office by phone, email or by completing the Contact Us form.

Let our Executive Director know that you are interested in joining the CEA and attending a weekly meeting.

Membership is open to all types of businesses. The CEA operates on the policy of “One Firm Per Business Classification”.

By doing so, a qualifying company is guaranteed exclusivity in that category with a distinct advantage of promoting their business to a select “Executive Sales Team” — a team that will in turn provide the Member Firm with business leads and referrals, information and executive support when needed.

Please Learn More About Joining Below

  1. Membership in the CEA belongs to the firm. Your firm’s business activity must not infringe upon, or compete with, the business activity of an existing member. Check our existing membership list to determine if any of the member firms compete with your company. If they do, you will not be eligible for membership in the CEA at this time.
  2. Your business must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year.
  3. The prospective member representative for your firm must be the business owner, or a key decision maker within the company who has direct influence on the firm’s purchasing and selling powers as well as the authority to represent and bind your company.
  4. The prospective member representative for your firm must have the ability to attend weekly breakfast meetings and attend occasional evening meetings for onsite and social events. Weekly meetings are mandatory and attendance is tracked. A business out of sight is out of mind so it is important you attend to keep your company and its products and services up front and in the minds of fellow members.